Different offices of the Local Government Unit of Panglao conduct various operations at Balicasag Island.

Hon. Leonila P. Montero, Panglao town Mayor, reported in an exclusive interview that the separate offices under her management performed the various operations last Friday to Sunday with her overseeing the entire operation.

Julita Cogo, M.D., Municipal Health Officer, and Concepcion Ferrolino, R.S.W., Municipal Social Welfare and Development Head, distributed Vitamin C’s and Iron to residents of the island.

These supplements are believed to boost the immune system to fight infections according to some health experts.

Concurrently, Catalino Sumaylo, Municipal Environment and Natural Resources (MENRO) Officer Designate, and his associates renovated the two (2) holding areas.

These areas once fixed, can be used by our tourists who want to engage in sea-water related activities afterward.

Some of the MENRO boys who are Dive Rangers continued to fix the mooring buoys at the island’s open seas.

Photo credits: Josef Fernan PenalesMary Ann Lagnason



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