Panglao Watch Tower

Panglao Watch Tower

The Panglao watchtower was built in 1851. The 5-storey hexagonal tower is reputedly the tallest of its kind in the Philippines but suffers from neglect.

“A stone watchtower stands guard over the edge of the sea, a short distance behind the church. Reputedly Bohol’s tallest, the ponderous structure bears the year 1851 inside its lowest chamber. Its hexagonal plan is rare in the Philippines”.

The structure is in poor condition. The wood members have all deteriorated and there is no access to the top floor because the wooden stairway that leads up has disappeared. The stone walls bulges outwards showing signs of structural stress and deterioration and the tile roof has caved in allowing rain and moisture to enter. This creates an environment conducive to the growth of algæ and vegetation.

Like most old Spanish structures in Bohol, the Panglao watchtower also suffered from the 2013 earthquake. It’s structural integrity is in question and the whole tower is currently reinforced with bamboo poles both externally and internally to keep it from further damages.