PANGLAO being consistently the top tourist destination in the province of Bohol has to maintain its natural, majestic, and enchanting beauty. The hospitality of its people is one of the remarkable factors why tourists keep on coming and enjoying the alluring nature.

Because of the noted increase in the influx of tourists visiting the province and the municipality due to the increasing interest and popularity, attracting tourists much more than the municipality is capable of accommodating. Tourism-related enterprises are sprouting all over these areas that need to be regulated as it is the primordial concern of the local government.

To address the present need of the tourism industry, the Local Government Unit created the Municipal Tourism Office by Municipal Ordinance No. 07, series of 2014 and further amended under Municipal Ordinance No. 4, series of 2019 converting the Office into a regular Department. The Office is equipped with competent and knowledgeable personnel tailored in planning, product development, statistics, marketing, and promotions.